I’d Rather Have a Cup of Tea

This is of course a quote from Boy George, every mother’s favourite gay pop star. www.brainyquote.com/quotes/ quotes/b/boygeorge377789.html

Whether it was true, or whether he said it to make himself less threatening (gay men being otherwise seen as leather-wearing sex-maniacs) I don’t know. Anyway,  today’s poem is about teasmades and it’s called by the above title.  Incidentally, I should explain if you haven’t come across a teasmade, it’s an electrical device with a clock, a kettle and a pot. You fill the kettle until it clicks, put tea in the pot, set the timer – and it wakes you up with a cup of tea. www.teasmade.com

I think they probably only exist in Britain.

Toodle pip!

PS incidentally the name Teasmade used to be the trade name of Goblin, who made them. There’s a company who makes them now but the ask everyone plaintively not to call them Teasmades but “Tea Wakers” I think they’re fighting a losing battle there – teasmade is the only possible name for such a device. It makes you think of Narnia, and Mr Tumnus and John Betjeman.

That really is it. I have to go and be normal for an hour as I have a class this morning.


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