Ladimir and Oestrogen No 2

–  So, Sarada.  What’s that all about, then?

–  It’s my pen name

–  I know.  Where did it come from?  D’ya make it up?

–  No.  It’s another name for Saraswati

–  Sa-what-rati?

–  Saraswati.  She’s a Hindu goddess

–  Ah.  One in the Hindu pantechnicon

–  Pentheon, you twerp!

–  No:  pantechnicon.  Why?  Because the Hindu gods and goddesses have been exported wholesale.

–  Oh, very clever.  But they probably should hav used a jagganath – or, as we call it, a juggernaut.  Don’t you think?

–  Ha, ha.  So we’re even now, are we?

–  Spose so

–  Darling?

–  Mm?

–  Mi caro?

–  Spose so.

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