Abandon hope…

Poetry is pouring from every pore.  Here’s another

The Post

More bad news; the world

wants our money

it wants it here, and it wants it now

– that’s the end

of the news.

Incidentally, there’s a reference there to “Withnail and I” the excellent film with Richard E Grant and Paul McGann www.amazon.co.uk/review/R2G4XPVC6OXN6S

In this scene, Richard E Grant corpses so badly that in the end they just keep it in.  (Incidentally, I find the “death” imagery in comedy interesting – eg “I died”, “I killed them” etc.)

I’m working on another poem called, “On Not Being Published”.  It’s not fit to be seen yet, but when it’s thrown a few clothes on and brushed its teeth, I’ll give you a glimpse.

Discouraging event this morning – I received a comment from someone about the blog which I thought was genuine but which turned out to be spam.

There is a circle of hell reserved exclusively for spammers.

Per me si va tra la citta dolente

per me si va tra la perduta gente


Dante is awesome

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