OK so this is what I am determined to do…

to bring this plane of insanity in to land.  I am going to do this now.  I am going to call a halt.  I am determined that He Who Must Not be Named shall not enter my life again, since he refuses to enter it in time and space.  he shall not enter my head-space again.

The reality will emerge.  Either it was really he and he could not or would not manifest physically, or it was a bundle of things in my subconscious grouping together like a limited company and calling themselves by his name.  I feel a great sense of emerging fulfilment.

I cannot lose by this.  I have felt sublime love and the object of this love is unimportant.  It is divine love for everyone.

So a line is drawn under this now.  And this love will fulfil itself in other ways, and my genius will fulfil itself in other ways.

It has been a prolonged form of torture but I am calling a halt now.

Sorry.  I know this has been C***n by another name.  But I will create another category – that of “chronicle of an insanity”.  So you can avoid these in future if you want to.  But you might be fascinated to glimpse the end of the story.

Who was it did “A Grief Observed”?  I think it was CS LEwis.  Yes

www.amazon.com/GriefObserved-C-S-Lewis/dp/0060652381 – 314k –

I really am going to go off like a rocket.  Any moment now.

See ya!


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