On Limericks

Thanks Doug for your comments on my limericks.  Here’s another one which I wrote for someone who was my guide through a dark place:

I walked in the temples of hell

those halls where the famous do dwell:

I said, Let’s up the ante

you Virgil, me Dante –

there’s a market, so get out and sell.

(the last line was a quote from Thatcher, reportedly speaking to arms dealers.  That woman made my blood run cold)

One thought on “On Limericks

  1. Another excellent limerick. It’s nice to see limericks that don’t necessarily start “There was an old fellow from Leeds” etc or degrade to the lowest common denominator of bodily functions! I don’t do this blogging thing (us 52 year old blokes are so luddite!) and it was only by chance that I stumbled back to your blog. There is a place I submit my limericks to on a monthly basis. It’s a small circulation rag called the Pentatette and it only costs $5 per annum to subscribe. If you e-mail me on stride.environmental@virgin.net I could send you a copy. Also take a look at http://www.limericks.org and http://www.oedilf.com.

    Best wishes,


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