Fourth Law of Thermodynamics…

Mrk said this:

– What I don’t understand is, when you get up in the night, it doesnt’ feel so cold, but in the morning, it’s much colder.

– Mm, I said, maybe it’s the fourth law of thermodynamics.

CP Snow said this: that many scientists may indeed be ignorant of literature, but ask any artist to give you the first law of thermodynamics; they can’t – and this, he says, is the scientific equivalent of asking “have you read a book?” – 37k

He’s right. Until I lived with Mark, I had no idea what the laws of thermodynamics were. I have only a vague idea now. I think the first one says something like:

“whatever temperature a thing is at, that’s how hot it is.”

and the second one:

“Heat will always go from a hot thing to a cooler thing”

– but I can’t remember the third one. I never remember the third one.

There’s a good explanation here. – 25k

Incidentally, we all know that Heat Rises, but do we know why? Let’s ask Mark. Too late – he’s huddled back under the covers and can’t be reached until later, when the temperature rises. Say, around noon.

In Madrid.

Incidentally, the last winter I ever spent in Madrid was exceptionally mild. The temperature rose to 16 degrees centigrade every day.

What does thermodynamics have to say about that, eh?