always makes me think of Hatemail.  There’s a guy on Author’s Attic right now trying to promote a version of Christianity wherein it’s OK to hate Russians.  Several of us (the others, I am happy to say, are Americans) are trying to change his mind.  I have looked this morning and there are six posts from him – so we may not be having much luck.  In my experience, people do not post six separate emails when they are having a change of heart.

I may give it a rest now.

I am feeling MUCH, much better, thanks to Mark’s marvellous medicine, salt, and a row!  Did you know that the NHS don’t do anything about low blood-pressure?

I am putting salt on my food (we normally have a very low-sodium diet) and Mark and I had a row last night due to his failure to enrol for the lay reader’s course.  He says he will do it on Monday.

I know he will!

It looks as though I’ll be OK for the plinth, thank goodness. I really didn’t want to miss it.

May be seeing Peter today.

Kirk out.  Enjoy the rain.

Oh!  I nearly forgot – some good news.  A wonderful person in our family is going to give us an Injection of Cash – which means we can go on holiday.

Good, huh?

I’m thinking the South Coast.  Or the South-west.