Help! We’ve come to church by mistake!

Unexpectedly went to Church of the Martrys today.  We were walking to Trinity when I felt All Wobbly (to use the technical term).  I said to Mark, I’m not going to make it – and at that point we were opposite the Martyrs!  They welcomed us very warmly.  I guess there’s a chance we might start going back there.

Couple of rounds in the park – felt fine doing them but a bit wobbly after.

Holly has gone to Lifebeat.  Claire and Stuart took her this year.

Kirk out

Should have said: Help!  We’ve come to church by mistake!  (Withnail and God)

Mark’s marvellous meds

Really good stuff – it goes all zingy in your mouth and then your brain starts to feel whizzy and your temples feel the blood again and, hey presto!  you’re starting to feel well on your way to recovery!

What do we want?  A gradual recovery!

When do we want it?  Phased in over a period of days!

It may not be snappy but it works.  Honest.  If you’re interested, it’s a mixture of slippery elm and oh damn something else – I’ve forgotten. * Mark has gone off to make coffee.

Holly is going to Lifebeat today – a young people’s camp where they do all sorts of stuff.  She is being given a lot of assistance with her place, for which relief much thanks!

We will go to church this morning and if I am up to it I may meet Peter for a drink or two in some pub called, uninspiringly, The Donkey.  I can’t remember what it used to be called.  The Horse and Hound or Dog and Duck.  Something normal.

I am not, however, drinking alcohol as I don’t think it will do my low blood pressure any good.

Incidentally, whenever I think of the Horse and Hound (which, thankfully, is not often, I pronounce it mentally The Hawce end Hind.  I used to have a book called “High Taw Tawk Propah-leah”, which was quite funny.  There was a guest speaker once came to one of our school Junior Speech Days (on which may the gods spit) called Miss Povah, and she talked exactly like that.  I spent the whole summer imitating her.)

But I digress.

Enjoy the day.  Get your browsers tuned to One& and check out the webcam.  Don’t forget Weds at 1 pm!

Kirk out

Additional: since I am not physically 100% I may take the opportunity to do some poems up there – which was my original thought anyway!  I have one brewing in my head called “Peace one Day”

* Not slippery elm but prickly ash – interesting that I should mix those two up!  And horseradish.  Serious stuff.