B is for bonus, a Good Thing in Latin

A is for Avarice, Arrogance, Arse

N is for numbskull who let the Fat Cat in

K is for Kickback – you don’t have to pass

E is for Easy, just hold out your palm

– and R – retribution:

(once you’ve bought the farm)

Greeee –

(There’s no end to your greed)

God, I miss the screaming…

Yes!  Yes!  Almost back to normal now.  I have written a couple of poems to do on the plinth and it’s really coming together now.  They are called “Peace One Day” and “Action!”  I’ll put them on here afterwards – don’t want to pre-empt the event.

I’m wondering if I should have a megaphone, and if so, how poems about peace are going to come across when shouted via a megaphone.  Reminds me of Vogon poetry – hence the title, which I think comes from the H2G2 film.

Tying up all the loose ends today.  Practising, and hopefully booking a holiday.  I’m staying tomorrow night with a friend of Claire’s called Anna – and for a while I thought she lived near St Peter’s Church, Edmonton, because she’s in London N9.  Turns out London N9 is quite a big area.  She’s not even near Oakfield Rd, Stoke Newington, where my grandparents came from – and it isn’t easy to get from one place to the other on the tube.  Ah well.   The holiday cottage I really want, though, is in Rustington, and I know that’s near where my grandparents retired.  Rustington is only a small town.

My head is coming together.  Thank god.

Kirk out.

(Oh, all right then – if you don’t know, it means “Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  2 H’s and 2 G’s – geddit?)