It’s happening here!

I was shocked this morning at some news I received in my “No Sweat” emailing.  This is an organisation dedicated to eradicating injustice in the workplace and usually I look through the list, nodding at the usual suspects – China, Peru, Bolivia – mine workers in Bolivia working long hours for subsistence wages – you know the sort of thing.  Not that that isn’t terrible – in fact, it’s probably my reaction that’s terrible.  But today I got something that made me sit up and take notice: workers on the Isle of Wight (yes, the Isle of Wight) are being intimidated and dissuaded from joining a union.

Now, whatever you might think about trade unions, the right to join one is fundamental in our – I was going to say, constitution, but ok then, our system.  It is enshrined in law.  I am outraged that this should be happening on our doorstep – and, yes, I know it’s not the only example but it shocked me.

Let’s do something about it.  Here’s the link: on the No.10 site and

Write to your MP.  Send messages of support to the workers.  Blog.  Do something.

I may mention it tomorrow.

Off to London today.  Hard to say if I am more excited or terrified!

Kirk out.

PS Yes!  It’s coming to me – I shall do the BANKERS poem from yesterday and mention the Vestas workers.