The early-burly of the first commuters

This was a phrase that came to me this morning.  Yesterday was BRILLIANT!  It was AMAZING to be up there, to see the London skyline as I did my stretchs and twists, to look over at the clock of St Martin’s in the Fields and see how I was doing (the time really flew – it didn’t seem like an hour), to see people down below – they’re really close and you can talk to them if you want.  Oh!  And Bruce Kent turned up, which was great – haven’t seen him since 1980-something – and a couple of London CND people with a banner and the square was FULL because it was lunchtime and everything went great except I wasn’t really practised with the megaphone and kept getting feedback or not being heard so the poems didn’t come across that well.  Still, they will have come over on the internet I expect. *

Afterwards I did the only decent thing and got drunk.  Found a brilliant pub just off the square and quaffed (that’s the only word for it) several pints of London Pride.  Chris turned up and we introduced him to the pub.  A had time was good by all.

Then back to Leicester and we marched straight down to Pizza Express.  By the time the food arrived I was ravenous.

Horrible glass of Chianti though.  That was a mistake.

Slightly hung over this morning but not too bad.

The early burly catches the curly wurly.

So thanks to all who came and supported me.

Will try to watch it on the net now.

Kirk out

*They did!

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