The Life of Dumbledore

Watching HPHBP again before it goes back to the library.  Dumbledore has four names – Albus, Percival, Wulfric, Brian Dumbledore.  I have deconstructed these:

Albus – Latin for white, a good guy

Percival – a medieval knight

Wulfric – a Saxon warrior


Brian – he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy

PS Some people have said they weren’t able to watch my poem about the Vestas people, and they were wondering whether it had been expunged for political reasons.  Seems unlikely, we think

Kirk out

PS Watched it again and it is on there

Full circle

Bought a skirt yesterday – a beautiful patchwork creation in many colours and I’ve just finished hemming it.  The seams were so thick I broke four (4) sewing-machine needles on it!!  Turns out it was a full circle skirt measuring 21 ft 3 inches.  (That’s about 6 metres in the new money)  Imagine hemming that by hand!

I’ll upload a photo when Mark gets back.

Here it is:

Kirk out

Good morning Judge

Feel as if I’ve got over a hump and can start moving forward with my poetry and stuff.  The plinth was a great thing and the poems came across really well on the internet – we watched the video yesterday.  Will try to put a link here.

This morning Mark is at Igreen and Splea (see previous post) earning some money.

Yesterday we had a very social day.  CND Hiroshima vigil in the morning (I did a few sun salutations and an ex-soldier came up and had a long conversation with one of us about how he had changed his views) followed by breakfast in town, reading the Mercury article (see yesterday’s post), then I went shopping and bought a FANTASTIC new skirt (when I’ve finished hemming it I may upload a picture) followed by coffee with Anna who was also shopping in town.  Then off to find a top to go with the skirt, then met Mark’s mum for lunch, after which Daniel and I scuttled off to Game or Game Boy or Game Action or one of those places to immediately spend the money he had been given.  I think he has about £5 left.  Still, he seems happy with his games.  And finally, home at around 3-ish.  I am hemming the skirt as it drags along the ground a little – it’s not quite a full circle skirt but not far off.  £22 from Voodoo.  Check it out!

And so to bed, as Pepys was fond of saying.  An early night.

Didn’t wake up till 6.30 this morning.  Not too bad.

We are having a video party on Sunday night, for those who couldn’t be there on Weds.