Have you come far? What are you reading?

Wrote an article about the Plinth for OM magazine, a yoga publication.  Steve came round and we watched the video of me on the Plinth.  I don’t seem to have made it into the week’s highlights, although that does say “Last week’s highlights” so maybe that was the week before (That was the week, that was – remember TW3?).

I am reading an Alan Bennett called The Uncommon Reader.  It’s about the Queen discovering a mobile library outside the Palace and starting to read.  As with all Alan Bennetts, every male in it is gay.

Trinity today.  I shall wear my new skirt.  Then this evening people are coming round to watch the video and eat pizza.

Drank a lot of wine last night.  It was great!  Oh, and Steve, having bought a wine box for the first time, complained about how hard it was to get the wine out.  Turns out he’d dismantled the box and tried to get the wine out by wringing the bag!

We put him right.

Kirk out

PS Oh!  And we have booked a week in East Sussex, near Pevensey Bay.  Should be great!