Yes, we know!

Thanks to this blog, all conversation between family and friends is now redundant.  I turn to them and say, “Oh!  By the way, yesterday I…” and before I can go any further, they will say, “Yes, we know – we read it on the blog.”

Mark is now recording my thingy.  You know, my thingy! When pressed, he explains that he is recording my video of the Plinth so that we have it In Perpetuity.  Or at least until the meltdown of all technology.  In which case I will have to fall back on my memories.

Holly is going to Nottingham at an unfeasible hour this morning.  Daniel is having a friend over.  I have no plans.  Or at least, I don’t think I have.

Booked the car for 2 weeks, so we’re all set.  Vague thoughts about visiting an uncle of mine in Bexhill.  I may or may not.  It’s been a long time.

Oh, and that guy on Author’s Attic who was going on and on and on about Russians has started to go on some more.  I have told him (politely) to shut up about it.  The guy who preached at Trinity on Sunday also went on and on and on.  There’s something about him I find disturbing (yes, he is the same one whose sermon on homosexuality I walked out of some weeks ago).

Kirk out

PS  On writing an email to freecycle instead of putting my area “West End” I wrote “Wet End”.  Sounds about right!

PPS Turns out it wasn’t him (on Author’s Attic) but someone responding to him.  But I think we should really let it go now.