Pray for Today

Remember Play for Today?  I thought instead of poem of the day I could include a prayer for the day.  That should ensure that my readership drops, like Leningrad in winter, to below zero.

Can you have less than one reader?  Strictly speaking, I suppose the readership would drop to three:

The three men I admire most

The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost

Recognise that?  It’s a quote from “American Pie”.  Chris complained when I played it at my birthday party (there, Chris!  I’ve mentioned you four times).

Still, I find myself devoid of inspiration.  So I’ll leave it for today.  Although I came across a good thought on the Yoga Journal (www.yogajournal.comI) about a woman who learned acceptance after stepping barefoot in a dog turd!

Bruce Almighty is also about this.  He complains about having a mediocre life, and doesn’t appreciate what he has until it’s gone.

What do I complain about?  This house.  I need to start to appreciate it.

So: that leads us to the prayer for today (I promise that my prayers will not only be non-denominational, they will be suitable for all faiths and probably wishy-washy agnostics as well – erm, sorry, I mean, those of little or no faith.)

Prayer for Today

Wherever I am today, may I accept

that that is where I am.

whoever I see today, may I accept

that they are with me

Whatever I have today, may I accept

that this is what I have.

Whatever I am today, may I accept

that this is who I am.

Change starts with acceptance

Chenge begins with me.