No answer was the stern reply

Compelled to blog about something I really hate – namely, when you email people or send them something and don’t get a reply.  I know it’s holiday time and people are away but too much of this sort of thing can send me into a semi-catatonic state where I don’t actually believe there’s anyone out there.  What’s the word?  Not catatonic – solipsistic.  I think there may have been times when as a baby I was left alone and wondered whether there really was anyone else in the universe.

So.  I have sent two articles to yoga magazines about the Plinth and not had a reply from either.  I have also emailed various people and not had a reply.

Still, I shall be going on holiday myself next week and not replying to anyone about anything for a couple of weeks.  Let’s see how they like it!  I shall come back and find my inbox full of plaintive messages asking why I haven’t got back to people.

Or else I’ll find it full of spam.

Anyway, dear reader, if you’re reading this, post me a comment.  Let me know I’m not alone in the universe.  Say anything you like, even if it’s rude.  Oh, but don’t post emoticons – I don’t understand them.


Kirk out

PS Where’s the above quote from?  I seem to think it’s Lewis Carroll.

Hail fellow well-met

Not sure where this phrase comes from.  My dad used to use it of people who were, in his opinion, rather too jolly.  He was suspicious of the jolly.  I rather think the jolly are discriminated against as a group.  I myself have jolly tendencies.  But I digress…

The fellows well-met last night were: Peter and Andy.  Slight hangover this morning due to an unspecifiable amount of Hob.  Hob is a beer, a beer which they sell at the Ale Wagon, a beer which they sell at the Ale Wagon in Leicester which is a jolly Good Egg of a pub, keeping a number of real ales in good condition.  They are having a beer festival at the weekend and Peter and I will probably go down.

Curry is promised for afterwards.

So, what’s the prayer for today?  God, please let my hangover go away?

No.  I think the prayer today is one of thanks.  For friends.  Saw old friends last night, meeting new friends tonight.  Friends are important (another thing my dad didn’t understand.)

No words are coming.  So my suggestion is, just think about the friends you have and be thankful for them.  And if you don’t have any friends?

In the words of Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see”.

Kirk out

PS In a bizarre twist, I was actually watching “Friends” before I went out.  The one where Joey gets in the cabinet.