Yes, it’s still me

Before I go on holiday, I’m trying out a new – what do they call it? – theme.  The name of this theme is Rubric.  Not sure how much difference it makes, but I’m ready for a change.

See you in a couple of weeks

Kirk out


This was the name of an organisation I used to belong to.  It meant “The India Pale Ale Society” and was a (very) loose association of friends who went  on trips to discover – well, beer.  We visited a number of breweries, including Bateman’s in – somewhere in Lincolnshire, I can’t remember now – and, as I recall, we actually had a constitution and articles.  I certainly remember meetings where we had a chair and secretary.  When these things were mooted I laughed a lot, because I thought Bob was joking.

Ah.  Bob.  Yes, it is impossible to speak of these things without mentioning Bob.  Where he is now, no-one can say.  How he came into our lives we cannot remember: it’s as though he were always there, guiding us to new pubs, taking us on tours of places we had only dreamt of.  Half-scout, half-bus driver manque, we will not see his like again.

Here was a typical conversation with Bob:

–  We’re going to Penzance next week, Bob.  Any ideas?

–  You’ll want to get the X 626 to Birmingham.  They run every hour at 36 minutes past, from stand 4A.  Then in Digbeth you’ll have 25 minutes but make sure you get your luggage on the 252B to Truro.  That takes 4 hours in good traffic – then in Truro you’ve got time for chips at a cafe just over the road called the Good Traveller, before you get on the Green Line no 98 which takes you all the way to Penzance.

–  Thanks, Bob

–  No problem.  Oh, and mention my name to Stewie at Digbeth.  He’s an inspector – you’ll find him in the office.  He’ll see you right.

–  Wow

To call Bob’s knowledge of buses encyclopedic would be an understatement.

Ah, Bob!  Where are you now?

Kirk out