Back again for a couple days

– as our Ameican cousins say.  Great teacher training day today.  We talked about karma and karma yoga.  Great comment from Peter on Bob when he was working at Victoria Coach Station – chack it out.  The novel is progressing and I am writing some songs.  Hope everyone is well.

See you all soon


Back again

Had a good weekend at DCT (yoga) weekend.  The guest speaker was Mukunda Stiles, a (very) soft- spoken American who has written books on yoga posture and philosophy.  He was very good.

Back home I’m getting ready for teacher training on Sunday and preparing to go back to the chalet and work more on the novel tomorrow

See you all soon


Back to the world…

Hello darlings!  Back for a few days although will not be at home for much of the time.  Things have been going very well  – I have a working title for the novel and have roughed out four sections as well as writing a lot of the first section.  Thatcher, Churchill and Blair (yes, phoney Tony himself!) all make an appearance.  The war is the background to the second section (which gives me a link between this and the last ie the word “phoney”).  I’ve been doing lots of writing and also pruning (of trees not words, though I’m sure that will come) and generally feeling empowered and energised and stuff.

The camp site was lovely today – didn’t want to come back.  But have a student today and DCT weekend tomorrow.  Back Sunday, up to chalet Monday.

Love to all

Liz xx


Hi everyone.  Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while.  We were at the chalet, then had a good holiday in East Sussex (near Hailsham) apart from me being ill one day with a cold.  Then I had a day or two at the chalet and decided that what I really need is to spend time on my own up there writing the novel which, as regular readers of this blog will know, has plagued me for years and years (I wrote one called Seven Days but it was too short).  So I really need to focus and will be out of circulation for a while.

Keep you posted now and again.  Won’t say too much about the novel tho as it’s at a delicate stage.