Bonjour mes petits brioches

– et comment ca va?  Il fait froid ici en Angleterre.  Vraiment froid!  Les rues sont comme une patine; j’ai failli tomber hier.

Wow!  That was hard.  It’s really difficult to post in another language if you’re not used to it.  Don’t worry I didn’t say anything significant – just that it’s cold here and the roads are like an ice rink.

Here’s a rough translation of the Dr Who (Bill Bailey) thing:

the Doctor – Who!

He travels in the Tardis.

The fantastic space box

the inside is much bigger than the outside

but that is the mystery of Doctor Who.

the enemy of the Doctor is Davros

he wants to rule the universe, always rule the universe!

But he never rules the universe

he is not very realistic

the daleks cannot climb the stairs

(I’m doing this from memory as the library computer won’t let me hear it unless I fork out £1.50 for headphones.)

Written another story today called “Never Explain” about a woman who starts off very unassertive and becomes a politician.  It’s a study in passive aggression.  So, this month I will be sending off two stories to the BBC (Radio 4) and two to a Mslexia competition (the one I mentioned before, judged by Tracy Chevalier.)

Not much else to report here.

Wrap up and keep warm

Kirk out

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