Mark to the rescue!

They were talking on the radio today about the winter of ’47 which apparently was worse than this one in every way – not only colder but with food and fuel shortages.  Ugh!  I do, however, remember the winter of ’63 which was almost as bad.  I was six and I remember my father shovelling some snow into a pile for me so I could make a snowman.  It was so cold that the snow froze – and it seemed like weeks and weeks before I could make the snowman.

Today Mark helped to rescue a bread lorry which was stuck on the road near us.  First he pushed it (with some other people) then, when the others had gone, he put some cardboard under the wheels so it could finally move off.  The driver gave us a loaf of bread to say thanks.

Say it with a loaf!

Fortunately we have supplies of flour in the house as well so any bread shortages will not hit us for a while.

This weekend Daniel has been invited to a birthday party and next weekend it will be his birthday party.

Pavements are becoming like ice-rinks as snow becomes compacted, freezes and more compacted.  Pretty but dangerous.

Kirk out

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