Rich in muty goodness..

Mark and i went through a phase, largely, I think, influenced by Jonathan, of saying things like this: whenever an odd or unusual word came up, we would say “it’s rich in ————– goodness”.  It also comes from the Simpson’s where a dinner-lady (or lunch-lady as they seem to call them there) says “it’s rich in bunly goodness”.

Nope, I’m not finding a video on youtube.  But I think I had a post called “rich in plinthy goodness”, when I was doing the Plinth.

Yep.  Here it is:

Still lots of snow this morning.  Mark has a swollen face due to toothache and is actually agreeing that he might have to go to a dentist.  My god!  It must be bad.

Holly has just gone off on her paper round (it’s 6.50 am)  Yesterday Daniel went to see Avatar which he says is the best 3D film he’s ever seen.  He was disappointed, though, that he didn’t get to keep the glasses.

Haven’t heard from Steve for a while.  Hope you’re OK Steve and keeping warm.

I have just muted this keyboard because it has a tendency to announce its presence with a sort of orchestral fanfare when you switch it on – and in a hushed library, this is something of an embarrassment.

Got two stories ready to go to Radio 4 – just need to find where to send them.

Keep warm.  Stay focussed.

Kirk out.

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