Do you mind if I blog?

Bloody snow again.  How much longer can this winter last?  It reminds me of the winter of ’63: my dad shovelled me a pile of snow to make a snowman and it froze solid.  It seemed like weeks before I could make that snowman.

Apparently – though this may be media hype – children are now supposed to ask permission before they throw a snowball at someone.  The words “Health and Safety” begin to sound like “Ministry of Truth” …

Mark’s mum is in hospital.  We knew she was going in – on the 25th: then they had a cancellation and she was taken in on Tuesday.  They told her on Monday.  Did she tell us?

Apparently we’re supposed to guess.  We heard about it yesterday from someone else.

I have to say this is fairly typical behaviour.

A half-day today.  Thankfully the library is warm.

We are very pissed off today about CRB checks.  The whole thing is a racket.

Kirk out.

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