Good afternoon bloglets!

I’m in the library and skiving.  Don’t feel like working today – I’ve made a stab at a chapter of the novel and not got very far with it – however, I feel this novel is not going to be written sequentially but patchwork.

Feeling groggy – tired and headachy.  Think I’ll finish early.  I seem to have some kind of late (very late) period.  Sounds like a Picasso.  (“I have a very late-period Picasso”).  Had a look at the arts council form – it runs to more than thirty pages and among other things you have to present a budget and say how many people will benefit from the “activity”.  I don’t know where to start really.

Taxing times

Phoned the *****s at the tax office and sorted out payment of this money they say we owe them.  I will file every tax return on-line in future – it’s the only way to prove you’ve done it on time.  The woman asked me why we couldn’t pay it all up-front (this was after we’d had a futile debate on whether they were filed on time or not).  I guess at times like these men tend to shout and women to cry – I wondered how many people that morning had shouted at her or cried on the phone.  And it was only half-past nine.

Good joke about this here:


Bloody Christians

These people are a menace.  They are allowed to stand by the clock tower and harangue passers-by telling them they will go to hell if they don’t believe in Jesus.  I asked the “Mercury” seller:

“Don’t these people get on your nerves?”

“Three times a week for an hour and a half”, he said.

That’s a lot of nerves.  Come back Richard Dawkins – all is forgiven.. or, I mean – er, we don’t care any more.

Kirk out

White rabbits x 3

I never understand why you’re supposed to say that on the first of March – but consider it said.  Good teacher training day yesterday although we could hardly keep awake beyond 3 pm.

Not looking forward to talking to the tax people today.  Someone is trying to find sources of funding for me, which is kind.  I am going to try the Arts Council as they seem the most likely, but the blurb about How to Apply (let alone the application form itself) runs into several acres.  Thank goodness for electronic erm – you know, paperless thingy.

A late runner

They’re under starter’s orders in the monthly handicap and we have a very late entry.  Yes, eighteen months after the others finished, it’s “Blood on the Underwear” at odds of 100/1.


OK you didn’t need to know that but I thought someone out there might have had a similar experience.  If so, let me know.

Have a good Monday.  Do good Mondays exist?  If not, pretend it’s Thursday.  Thursdays are always good.

Kirk out