So farewell then…

Michael Foot.  He was a man of principle, a man you couldn’t help respecting, even if you disagreed with him (which I didn’t).  He grew up in the age of public debates and was reportedly an excellent orator, though no good at all on TV, and no match for Thatcher in a head-to-head.  He once said about her that she had no imagination, and therefore no compassion – a very pertinent comment, I thought.

Watched “The Truman Show” last night.  A great film – a unique film, I think.  I won’t tell you the story in case you haven’t seen it – but it totally stunned me the first time I saw it.  Jim Carrey is excellent as a quiet, unassuming character who conquers his fears to find his real self.  I am thinking of using it with my students to illustrate maya.*

Got on quite well yesterday: the novel is taking shape.  Almost finished “the God Illusion” as well.

Posting some work to “Mslexia” today – a short story and a flash fiction piece.

Kirk out.

*the idea that the physical world is an illusion and the spirit is the true reality.  Interestingly, Dawkins turns this on its head and says the exact opposite.  In “The God Delusion” he dismisses the “experience” argument for God (ie that people believe in god because they have religious experiences) – but those experiences he cites are of the “hearing voices and seeing visions” type, whereas I think the more important experiences are of the “transforming lives and overcoming obstacles” kind.  More of this anon… or possibly not.