Bright and cold today

Looking forward to the warmer weather.  Is there any?  If I were a climate-change sceptic I would be pointing out of the window right now and yelling “See?”, thus showing my ignorance of the difference between climate and weather.

Yesterday was subdued.  Holly and her friends got about 4 hours sleep, but seemed quite cheerful considering.  The last of them left about 4 pm.  Had a good chat with them after church.  Vicar preached on “feeding the five thousand” then tacked on an extra bit at the end about unrealistic dreams.  “Mm,” I thought, “is that intended for us?”  Then decided that was paranioa.

Today I have to phone the tax office and donate some money because apparently they haven’t got enough.  I also have things to post so no library today.  Some stories are going off to Mslexia magazine; one called “Compensation” and a flash fiction piece.  Oh, and a review.

Had some thoughts about seeing God in a lump of coal but not quite awake enough yet.

Kirk out