Are we nearly done yet?

Andy asked me about my novel last night.  “Have you nearly finished?” he said.  I laughed, hollowly.  “No,” I said.  “I’m hoping to finish the first draft by the summer.  Then the real work starts”.

Thinking about it, it’s like writing a computer program.  The first 95% of the work takes 95% of the time.  The next 5% – also takes 95% of the time.

Just wanted to leave you with that thought.

Kirk out.

Simmering on the Hob…

A time was good by all had.  To the Ale Wagon last night with Peter and Andy.  I was downing the Hob, a cheeky little bitter, a hoppy little number which creeps around behind you and whacks you on the bum.  I was drinking very fast, couldn’t stop myself.  Result: hangover.

“I woke at two

– you woke at three –

I did a poo

– you did a wee –

Ah, yes!  I remember it well.

I’m thinking of going into songwriting.

A reader writes:

“That’s not song-writing – that’s wrong-writing!”

Ah.  I always did like to go about writing wrongs.  Robin Hood, Robin Hood, writing through the glen…

I have signed up in support of the Robin Hood tax.  I think I mentioned it before – an excellent video with Bill Nighy.

Stayed at home yesterday.  Morning – sorting files out for teacher training.  Afternoon: tidying bedroom.  That may not sound like much but ten years in this house with Mark have turned the place into an Augean stables.  I even wrote a poem about it:

“It’s inconceivable to get a grip

this Herculean task requires a river”.

Also worked on finishing “The God Illusion”.  I’m quite pleased with it so far.

Kirk out.

PS Oh!  Forgot – I also posted “Compensation”, a flash fiction piece and a book review to Mslexia.