Second post today

Yes!  It’s like being back in the 80’s before they dismantled everything – you get a second post this morning.  Except that for you, this is the first, since time works backwards in blogland.

So, last night I went to our local ward meeting, initially to talk about the disastrous “Aylestone Meadows football pitches” idea.  However, this proved to be outside the remit of our ward – although the councillor said that she was involved in trying to stop it and that it had now gone to committee. What I didn’t expect was to actually enjoy the meeting!  I only intended to stay an hour or so – but found myself getting involved.  Two things came up of particular significance: the proposal to put a huge wire fence around the Big Slide Playground in Bede Park – which a lot of people were not happy with – and, when I mentioned that people were getting off the bus outside our house and dumping litter in our garden, they immediately proposed applying for funds to get a bin put on the bus-stop!  I was impressed.  Of course, I have yet to see these things put into action – but I came away feeling energised and involved.

Softness is a thing called… laptop

If you are of a certain age, like moi, you will remember the “Comfort” ads.  Can’t find it on youtube but there was a woman rubbing up a jumper against her cheek and the song went:

“softness is a thing called… Comfort”

Why am I mentioning this? I hear you cry.  Because when you unplug the laptop it makes two little beeps which are like the first two notes of that jingle.

Dickens had a character called Mr Jingle.  I seem to remember he was a moral vacuum.

(Do the shake and vac, and put the freshness back)

There’s a Simpson’s episode where all they can do is quote advertising jingles.

Anyway, when I was in Northampton I sometimes worked in the library and the book-scanning thing made two little beeps, just like the first two notes of Chris Rea’s “Down on the Beach.”  Result: I had that song on the brain all day.  Just when I got rid of it, someone would go and check out another book.

I don’t even like Chris Rea.

Can somebody tell me why the light on my laptop isn’t working?

Very happy Thursday to all.  I might be starting to get the hang of these.

Kirk out

PS Went to council ward meeting last night – very positive.  Might put this in another post.