Hang on a minute

Started this post without a single thought in my head.  Wait a sec – I’ll pour my tea.

Now I’ll take a sip.  AAAAAh!

Wait for it to take effect…


Busy-ish day today.  In the library till 2, then buying Daniel some trousers (this is a complex process which involves weeks of covert tracking in stores, identifying suitable pairs, sending pictures to his mobile which don’t arrive, negotiating whether these are exactly the sort of trousers which he will agree to wear (NOT jeans), then actually getting him into the shop and trying them on.  Oh, the suspense!  Will they have any in his size?  Will he actually like them?  Will I lose my sanity in this horrendous process?

Watch this space.

After that I am picking up a kettle from a housing co-op; sending off my students’ files; and – oh, wait, that’s it.

The novel seems to be progressing OK.  I feel it’s taking shape.

Mark said “Mars!” in a very alien tone of voice which reminded me of these adverts.

(Why did he?  Let’s not even go there.)