Difficult trouser day…

Yesterday we spent valuable minutes in Primark trying to find trousers for Daniel.  Did eventually get some but it was Not Easy.

WHERE can you get trousers for teenage boys?

Inexplicably woke up at 3 am and stayed awake for a couple of hours.  No discernible reason – I didn’t need to pee, I hadn’t had too much tea.  Mark said it was the spring.  (The season, not the bed-spring).  Maybe.

To Tomatoes this morning, then meeting Peter and Chris and going to Leicester beer festival.

Peter’s friend Craig died suddenly the day before yesterday.  He had been very ill, was going into hospital for radiotherapy, had to go into resus and died.

Didn’t really know the guy but I know he meant a lot to Peter.

We shall not be drinking too much today!

Kirk out.

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