Bleaurgh posting

Six o’clock and all’s – well, much twirly.  I am somewhere in an outpost of Bleaurgh.  Woke up at stupid o’clock and couldn’t  sleep.  No hangover, just sleeplessnessnessnessless.

Good time yesterday – tried several of their best “light and hoppy” ales at Leicester Beer festival.  It was well-attended – busy but not horribly crowded; then afterwards we went to Mirch Marsala and had thali.


Mark also had a good evening with Jan, Yvan and Some Other Bloke.  Holly is about to go on her paper round.


Apparently plans have been Afoot for Mother’s Day – but I’m not sure what they are.

No further thoughts.  I have no thoughts.

PS Just about to pour tea when a cry comes:

“Mum!  The chain’s come off my bike again!”


Kirk out