At the reference library

Not a bad morning’s work, considering.  Now at the reference library on the computer withadodgyspacebar.  It rattles every time you press it.  I’m tired!  Only 5 hrs sleep last night.  there’s no point in going home before 4 because the house will be full of kids doing science.  It’s something about optics again today.

Read a bit of a Robert Rankin – quite funny.  I really want to read “the Brentford Triangle” because I’ll probably recognise some of the locations

Mark is going to start Latin again.


Valete lecti.  *

Kirkus outus

* I think that’s Latin for “goodbye readers”.  Remember the bit about conjugation in “The Life of Brian?”  the library computer won’t let me post a link though

“Romanes eunt domus?  Romans they go to the house?…This is motion towards, isn’t it, boy?

Back home – let’s try

6.33 am

Twirly again.  It’s frustrating that the library doesn’t open till 9.30 because I feel I’m hanging around for a long time.  what to do?  Is there a cafe I could go to maybe?

Can’t wait for the summer when I can spend days up at the chalet.  The season starts at the end of this month, so…

Ugh!  Brain really sluggish this morning – can’t think of anything to say.  Went to the cathedral yesterday for a debate with PPCs including Peter Soulsby who is generally a Good Egg.  The others mostly made the right noises but my question about Home Ed didn’t get selected.  Interesting meeting tho.

Not much happening this week except working in the library.  Next week we shall get a car and I will finally get up to the chalet!!!!!!!


Can’t wait.

Kirk out