Half past slightly silly

Bit better today.  The stories are coming on.  Yesterday Holly and Daniel went to visit Leicester Sound.  Holly cycled there and back – 8 miles – not bad.  They both enjoyed it a lot.

Not much else to report.  A good day yesterday – I started early in Esquire’s cafe, then went to have a wander round Waterstone’s only to discover they open late on Weds!  Went to SPCK instead (pronounced “spck” *) and bought a book called “The Selfless Gene”.  It tries to unpick the whole Dawkins/fundamentalist christian argument from a Christian and scientific viewpoint.  So far I think it’s good, although Dawkins also has problems with Catholics and Muslims and so far the book hasn’t mentioned them.

I wish the library would open earlier.

Never mind – chalet next week!  yay!

Kirk out

* like someone spitting on a windscreen.  Remember Spitting Image?


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