For God’s sake! I’m 52!

I thought the deal was, when you get Past It, you don’t have menstrual cramps any more.  You don’t get headaches or irritability or bouts of crying.  And yet this morning I was woken at 5.30 by needing a poo (I realise that reading this is not a great way to start your day, but I’d like you to know that living it wasn’t a bundle of laughs either) and then kept awake by a headache.  I usually have a tussle with myself:

– I’ve got a headache.

– Take an aspirin then

– But is it really bad enough?  I don’t like taking tablets unless I need to

– Ouch!

– OK.  I’ll take some.  But then I’ll be totally awake.  I think I’ll try to get back to sleep.  Then maybe it’ll go away.

(five minutes later)

– I’ve got a headache…

I had hoped to be done with all this by now.

Daughter was doing some filming yesterday with Woodcraft.  She’s doing so many projects I can’t remember what this one is about – but we did find a video of the screening of her debut film at the Phoenix.

If you watch carefully you can see us arriving at the cinema.

Sec Soc

Very interesting talk last night by Claire and Jan at the Secular Society on Maths and Gender and whether men really are better at Maths and Science.  I think I’ve decided to go back to Philosophy in the summer.  I’m not seeing people enough.

Happy Monday!

Kirk out