I am a little busy bee

The time has flown today.  I’ve written an article for Reader’s Digest on HE and why we do it.  I thought the RD was defunct until one plonked onto our doormat.  So I got busy… The article includes quotes from Holly and Daniel and will have a picture attached.

Someone suggested I try the Mercury as well – could be worth a try.

Would add the photo but can’t find it at the mo.

Saw my first bumble-bee of the year yesterday.

We have far too many videos

Sorted out the bottom of the wardrobe which, ironically, may lead to Narnia in the sense that one of the black unlabelled home-taped videos lurking in there may have an adaptation on it of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.  But who knows?  Since none of them is labelled we have no means of finding out except by playing them all.  I think at one point there may have been a Book containing a Key since some of the tapes have stickers with numbers on – but the Key is lost now.

That’s a bit “Alice” – isn’t it?

If we did have the Narnia adaptation it would’ve been the BBC one.  I thought those were somewhat lame – although to be fair they didn’t have the special effects that are available now: how can you possibly do justice to Aslan?  I really like the latest LWW film (which almost does him justice) although I haven’t seen “Prince Caspian” since the general opinion seems to be that there is Too Much Fighting in it. I imagine the “Dawn Treader” will be better.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could go back and read things for the first time?  I’ll never forget what it was like to be looking at a painting and then discover that it was real…

Ah well.  I spose I’d better go off and write something instead.  I guess that’s why people write stuff.

Kirk out.