Weirdly weird

Been feeling weird all day.  Spent some time up at the chalet.  Could really do with paying someone to fit the stove, not to mention connecting the solar panels.  I do try, but Mark and I are frankly utterly crap at DIY.

Holly is watching “Skins”, a programme on Channel 4.  I’m finding it oddly addictive, although it seems to be set in Bristol but a lot of the characters have inexplicable Lancashire accents.  “Casualty” withdrawal this week.

I have borrowed a white board/flip chart from Jonathan.

So that’s us up to date.  Mark is at a CND meeting, in case you were wondering.

I used to live in Lancashire.  Kinda liked it, though it was not a good period in my life.  I’ve got a short story about it.

Kirk out.

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