Blessed are the pacemakers

That was my thought this morning.  B***er the Greeks.  What’s so special about the Greeks?

Reading Alan Bennett, a collection entitled “Writing Home”.  I’m not sure how we came by this – probably in a charity shop or in our local second-hand book shop.  This is run by an older couple who are very active in neighbourhood affairs and who for some reason either don’t like me or have decided that I don’t exist.*

Maybe I don’t.

Anyway, Alan Bennett: this compilation includes “The Lady in the Van”, about a woman who parked her ancient van outside his house and lived in it, in conditions of squalor, for a couple of decades.  She was a true eccentric, created her own political party and intended to stand for parliament.  Like a lot of eccentrics she did not want to be known and went under an assumed name.  In 1984 she wrote a letter “To someone in charge of Argentina” beginning:

“Dear Sir,

I am writing to help mercy towards the poor general who led your forces in the war actually as a person of true knowledge more than might be.”

and finishing:

“Yours truly,

A member of the Fidelius Party.

…Translate into Argentinian if you wish.”

Dickens couldn’t have made her up.  Recommended reading.

I also have an Isabel Allende waiting but I have to be in a certain mood to read Isabel Allende.  I have to be feeling at least 45% Spanish.  And today (possibly thanks to Bennett) I am around 95% Anglo-Saxon.

Today: to Loughborough to see Mark’s mum.  Collect stuff from the chalet.  I shall have to be judicious about how much time I spend there.

Lots of ideas collecting about the novel.  But sometimes I worry about my sanity.

Kirk out.

*The man always says hallo to Mark and never to me, and the woman looks (and talks) as though she’s swallowed a lemon.

3 thoughts on “Blessed are the pacemakers

  1. Wrote on my blog after Alan’s R4 “Lady in the Van”

    My wall
    March 7, 2009

    Sat on the wall outside my flat with a couple of bottles of “Blue” Smirnoff Vodka and when anyone stopped and looked into my glazed eyes I offered them some.

    Had a supply of recently washed plastic cups at hand.

    Found out what life is about.

    Still shell shocked.

    One woman was so astonished that I had not noticed her caravan parked between my home and the Regency Hotel.

    I’ve bought some sanitary towels for her.

    Don’t know how to suggest that she uses them though.


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