Apparently today is Ada Lovelace Day.

Actually, now that I look at it, it was 24th March not today.  Apparently Ada Lovelace was a friend and contemporary of Byron who foresaw the social applications of computers.  Don’t ask me for any more details but here’s a link:

Good curry with Peter this aft.  Now feeling a little drowsy.  Teacher training tomorrow.

Kirk out

PS Apparently Holly and her 2 friends were the only people at the music and dance workshop today.  Shame!

Much better today

The ground has stopped moving up and down and the air will let me through.  Translation – things are almost back to normal, whatever that means.  Anything else is therefore your own problem*.

Today: Mark is not going to London CND meeting due to difficulties in paying for ticket.  Daniel has a friend coming over, Holly is going to a music and dance workshop, and I will visit Peter and have a cup of tea.

According to Mark, St Francis was one of the greatest ballerinas of all time.

Easter Egg problem: what do you buy when you won’t buy Nestle and you will no longer buy Cadbury’s because of Kraft and even Green and Black’s are owned by Cadbury’s nowadays?

Suggestions please.

Looking forward to the day.

Kirk out

*H2G2 reference, in case you didn’t know.

“H2G2”?  Tut, tut – you haven’t been paying attention.