I’m starting a new campaign

I’ve started a book on Facebook and I’m starting a campaign to spread awareness that the menopause can play havoc with your memory.  Long-time readers of this blog will remember the Strangeness of Autumn 2008 when I went really weird and was convinced I was having some kind of communication with Leonard Cohen.  I have privatised * all the posts from that era becuase I am now embarrassed by them, but for 3 months I thought I was going crazy – until I realised that during that time I’d had no periods.  Since then my memory has gone haywire: places I’ve known for years disappear from my mind and I can’t remember how to get there or what I’ve done.  Result: I end up repeating things with my students – ironically, often because I panic about forgetting something!

* in the blog sense not in the Thatcherite sense!

Kirk out

So spread the word and tell everyone.  And join my group on Facebook.

But what time is it really?

It totally messes with my head when the clocks go forward.  My course, coincidentally, is also starting an hour later, which means that – AAAAAAArgh!  I can’t get my head round it AT ALL!   Sent several confused and contradictory emails to my students – if we all get there at the same time it’ll be a miracle!

Peter has sent pictures of me and the curry.  I’ll see if I can upload a couple.  Should only take me the rest of the morning.  By which time it’ll be time to go to my course.  Only to find the others have been waiting for two hours.

Apu’s grace:

“Good company, good curry

– Good Gandhi, let’s hurry!”

Nope.  Can’t figure out how to do it.  Mark?  Mark?  Oh, I guess I should let him sleep.  After all it is only REALLY 6.15.


Kirk out.