What do Gateway to India, Tokyo tower and Big Ben have in common?

they all switched off for Earth Hour.  Apparently it was a great success, with over 4000 cities taking part.  Read all about it here:


Hallo there

I’m in a very “Blue Peter” place at the moment, hence the greeting.  I was very disillusioned to find out The Truth about BP – that John Noakes wasn’t really like that but did it all for the cameras.  Also, that the presenters felt they hadn’t been treated very well.  That did disappoint me.

Is it still going?

To Anna’s after group yesterday – her 75th birthday bash.  Most people had left by the time I got there but still saw Peter and Marie, Sue Talton and Marguerite.  They did some salsa and sang the blues.  Anna continues vibrant – amazing when you think that at her age my Mum was in a home and asking for her yoghurt to be taken out of the frig so it wouldn’t be too cold for her pudding.

Dessert.  We always had to call it dessert.

Nowadays I never have dess-udding.  Apart from chocolate biscuits.  They are my one indulgence.

Will put some photos up of curry with Peter when I find out how.  Mark is currently in the Land of Nod as it’s quarter past Unfeasible.

Actually – no, wait!  It’s seven o’clock.  How did that happen?

Car goes back today.  Then writing.  Get that article off to the Reader’s Digest.