Feeling sad and angry

In need of some TLC this evening after a letter from a member of our extended family.  This person never says what she wants but gets annoyed if people don’t guess it.  We are accused of freeloading and not being supportive.  Bloody annoying.

Positive comments gratefully received

Kirk sad

PS on a positive note, done some good writing today.  Sent an article on Home Ed to Readers’ Digest and did edit a story for Take a Break but then lost it in cyberspace.

Lost In Cyberspace!!!

Walking on both feet

An email this morning which made me feel attacked.  Sometimes it’s hard to work out if the subtext of things is what you think it is, or if you’re just imagining it.  Anyway…

Last night watched “Slumdog Millionaire”, one of my favourite films.  I always forget how upsetting the beginning is and concentrate on the end, which is supremely uplifting.  It reminded me of my time in India – the smell of Bombay airport (before it was Mumbai), my first sight of the railway station which made me think I must be back in London, it was so like St Pancras.  The thrill of my first train journey, going first class because I was scared initially to travel second or third, though there was nothing whatever to be scared of.  People in first class don’t talk to you.  I’m sure this is the same the world over.  I know it’s true in Britain.

So – today.  I always find it hard to get back to writing when I’ve been in “teaching” mode – and vice versa.  But if I don’t, it’s like hopping on one foot – I don’t get anywhere.  And what I need to be doing is walking on both feet.

Which is pretty much where we came in.

Kirk out.

PS – remember when films ran on a loop and if you came in late you could sit and watch the beginning.  You’d leave when one of you turned to the other and said, “This is where we came in.”

PPS  I’m now of that generation where I can write things like “remember when….?  and you could….?”


PPS  Bloody weather!  Wet and windy.  What sort of spring is that?