Good Hob, reasonable Bass, interesting Green and Gold, back to Hob.  Talked about Bob.  Going to Donkey at weekend.  Keep thinking it’s Friday because I’ve been out for a drink.



Woke up at 3.30 am and composed a letter in my mind to the Offending Relative.  Also composed a brilliant blog posting which has now gone – except that it was to be entitled Can You SWIM?  This was about a button Mark thought all computers should have, called DWIM – standing for Do What I Mean.  This would be a real boon for ordinary humans like me who can’t find the right command because computers DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!  Anyway, people should have a SWIM button so they can See What I Mean.  This is very similar to Douglas Adams’ POV (Point of View) gun in the film of H2G2.

“Oh, that thing,” says Mark.

I must leave you as I need to pee.

PS have written to the offending relative and told them that they’ve upset me.  Feel better now.