Yoga practice of the day – weight balancing

I have called this ‘weight balancing’ rather than ‘weight loss’ because yoga tends to bring about balance and what we need to aim at is not being ‘super-thin’ but rather, the right weight for our height and build.

There’s a lot of emphasis on cardio-vascular exercise and while this is valuable, I am going to suggest the following valuable practices:

1. Balance: the Tree. Stand tall, weight balanced between both feet. Shift the weight onto one foot. Place the other foot at the side (ankle, calf or thigh). Take that knee out to the side. Bring the palms together (prayer position). Look at a spot at eye-level in front of you.
Now change sides.

2. Alternate nostril breathing. Sit comfortably and tall. Breathe in and out through the nose until the breath is calm. Place the right thumb over the right nostril and breathe in and out through the left three times. Repeat with the left thumb and left nostril, breathing through the right. Repeat each side up to three times. Go back to natural breathing before getting up.

These practices will bring about balance in the mind and emotions, which is where over-or under-eating comes from

Hari OM