Blast and double-blast!

It’s snowing!  Yesterday I had nowhere to go and it didn’t snow – today I have plans and two inches of the stuff.  The roads here are not yet gritted (although my teeth are) and the occasional car whispers by slowly grinding the stuff to a stiff compact iciness.  Lovely!

So will have to put things off till tomorrow.  I dislike being forced to procrastinate but there’s no help for it.

Unimpressed yesterday by Torygraph journalists posing as constituents.  There are situations where this sort of subterfuge might be justified but this is not one of them – and the most annoying thing of all is that now it will be harder for the government to oppose Murdoch’s takeover of Just About  If right-wing Tories don’t like the coalition, it’s tough, because, guys, in case you didn’t notice – you Didn’t Win An Outright Majority!  So deal with it!

Rant over.

I wonder if Daniel’s too old for snowmen?

Woke really early and couldn’t believe the whiteness outside.  Hope it clears so we can get to Peter’s for Christmas.  I feel sorry for all the people who had special Christmas plans and are now queuing to get into St Pancras or sleeping in marquees at Heathrow.  But if it was me I think I’d just stay at home.

Assuming I was at home.

Anyway, a very happy – what is it? – Wednesday to all.  We are going to the Western later for beer and carols, though in Mark’s case I suspect it will be tomato juice and carols.

Still can’t believe I married someone who didn’t drink.

Kirk out

PS  Oh, and I forgot to say – Daniel’s reading age came out at 13 yrs 10 months

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