A fresh and crispy brain

That’s what Mark has this morning.  It is rather unfeasibly early – I have been awake since 4 and at 5 I got up and meditated, by which time I thought I might as well make some tea.  Mark is now going on about some bloke whose name ends in -ckx.  I said that sounds made-up.  He said no, it’s probably Finnish, ‘which is more or less the same thing.’  That’s what he said.

Slept late yesterday so probably making up for it today.

Rather disappointed by donations of sponsor money so far; however, this is not about me but about Water Aid, and ‘Sing for Water’ (I originally typed ‘Sign for Water’ – what would that involve?  Rather less effort, I imagine) and this year’s fundraising seems to have done rather well.  Jan and her bucket raised over 100 pounds (curse this American keyboard) just in a couple of hours.  Brilliant!

Still, if any of you wonderful bloglets want to sponsor me please go to:  justgiving.com and look for my page – sorry, the link isn’t working at the moment; I’ll try later.  Alternatively you can send a cheque to Water Aid.

I have written a review of Harry Potter and the Art of Narrative for a writers’ blog based at the University of Chichester – I wait to see if they will publish it.  No-one seems to want to publish a word I write at the moment – I had three stories returned from an online site yesterday.  It is hard to keep going but there is no other option.

Feels warm again today and no rain still.  It will be a hard summer for farmers.

Ratae, we still await your guest blog spot.

Facebook informs me that it’s my wedding anniversary next Sunday.

Today I shall be mostly… deciding what to write.


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