It’s f-f-four in the morning

Actually no it isn’t, not any more but it was.  About four hours ago, I’ll have you know – and I wasn’t happy about it.  Oh no.  I hate waking up in the night, especially to worry about money.  I did eventually get back to sleep but felt terrible when I woke up.  And now several limericks are pounding my brain, including the following;

Of course you’re not jogging and tired

that horse that you’re flogging’s expired

the system’s unjust

you boom but we’re bust

— I haven’t got a last line yet but something about your brain needing to be rewired.

Re-reading this blog yesterday; it’s astonishing how much I’d forgotten.  Have broached the blackberry wine – it’s much too early but the strawberry was too sweet so I needed something to counterbalance it.  It’s not too bad but has a slight saccharine after-taste which is somewhat mystifying as there was nothing remotely sacchariney in it.

Holly is doing well at college; working hard and producing good stuff although she complains about having to start before 9 am most days.  Though Mark went on his inaccurately named ‘away-day’ yesterday, I didn’t have anything on so started to clear out the shed, chop wood for the fire; then went for a walk along the canal.  Then we watched Dr Who – great episode I thought; I want to know what would have been in the Doctor’s room.

A lot of stuff keeps recurring; similar to Orwell’s Room 101 and Boggarts in Harry Potter.

Apparently Rowling is getting into digital media; that’s fine for her and it may I suppose be the way to go for some writers but, dammit, she’s already famous.  When I look at The Way Things Are I am tempted to despair – it gets harder and harder to be published and soon books will be obsolete and blah blah blah and at four in the morning it gets to seem like a total bloody disaster.

Which is where we came in.

Hey!  Remember when you could watch films at the cinema until the point where you came in?

Today I will be mostly… going to church and getting my Explorer’s cupboard key back from Richard.

Oh, and going to Peter’s for vegan food

Kirk out

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