Don’t move!

I am keeping you at arm’s length because the connection on this laptop is highly dodgy and liable to explode at any minute.  I have already had a hissy fit about it (oh, all right I burst into tears if you must know – yesterday was a difficult day and I felt really knackered – haven’t yet caught up on sleep) – so the only way to stop it disappearing into a black hole of battery-lessness is to keep it at an angle of 27.3 degrees and at a constant steady temperature of 27.3 centigrade with a humidity of  18% and give it a really hot cup of tea.  The tea I can manage ( it wanted me to drink it instead) but the rest gives me a pain in the diodes all down my left side.

That’s two Douglas Adams references already.  And it’s only half past seven (that’s in the outer reaches of the unfashionable end of the Western spiral arm of the galaxy).

‘It’s not called that really,’ says Mark.

Started that story yesterday – the ‘Identity Theft’ one – it’s coming on nicely in spite of laptop hell being instantiated on all fronts.

Watched Stephen Fry’s thing about language last night – pretty good, I thought.  Don’t remember what it was called but it was a BBC thing.  It occurred to me to wonder whether Fry is related to Quakers.

Did some good English yesterday with Daniel looking at a film scene and answering some GCSE questions on it.  We slagged off the book and I found a pretty bad grammatical mistake in it: ‘All together’ instead of ‘altogether’

They should all be shot.  Together.

Today I shall be mostly… going to see ‘Tinker Tailor’ and having a meal out.

Deep joy.

Kirk out