Hallo! Who are you? And, er – who am I?

Feeling very Professor Lockhart-ish this morning; woke up very disorientated and couldn’t remember anything about my life – where I lived and who with, what time of year it was – in fact, anything at all.  As time went on and tea went down, I recovered some information about myself: it was like a Dr Who episode except without Dr Who popping up to give me information.  Or maybe he was, and I just didn’t recognise him.  Oo!  There’s a thought.  Could be a story – except without the doctor.  Some other character.

Actually had quite a good day’s writing yesterday; feeling that I am Getting There with the flood story, though there remains much to do with the atheist-conversion story.  Also wrote a flash fiction piece and just sent it off!  Just like that!  I decided that you can spend too long revising stuff, so why not just give it a go?  If I am published I will receive by Paypal the princely sum of $3 (sic).

I have now run out of wool so will go to seek some more in a contrasting colour.  The plan now is to make the jumper in blue with black sleeves and roll-neck.  No-one else’ll have one like it!

Whaddayamean, no-one else will want one?

Daniel continues to be interested in the book!  This is great news; I might even get him into Dickens!

Kirk out