My brain glows in the dark

Never mix the grape and the grain; that’s what they say.  It must have been looking at pictures of Scottish distilleries while drinking claret that did it; it went against the grape.  I mean, the grain.  Gosh darn it, it all looks so pure up there – all the clean air and the pine trees and the Black Isle reminding me of Fraser…  Another lost friend.  Fraser, where are you?

He was an odd bloke – but a lot of fun.

Was going to see ‘Tinker Tailor’ again this aft but I’m tired, Mark’s had about 5 hrs sleep so we shall see.  Could possibly see Johnny English instead I guess.

Good night last night shooting the breeze with Andy and Peter; trucks playing the blues, claret going down, ice-cream remembered and no four-high metal in evidence.  Oh no.

Lots of hard work yesterday; feel I’m making progress with stories.   Jonathan came round and Mehmet also, much earlier, in search of a key.  He is a very enthusiastic person.

So that’s it.  Tomatoes this morning and after that – I don’t know.

Kirk out