I’ve been meaning to talk to you about viscosity

Those were Mark’s words to me this morning, and I wrote them down immediately to share with you.  Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – I can’t remember anything else he said about viscosity, though I do remember a poem we made up about a cat who was the opposite of T S Eliot’s Macavity.  If you remember, Macavity is very elusive, whereas Viscosity always sticks around:

Every time you turn around

Viscosity’s still there!


Great night at Pingkk! poetry last night.  Pingkk! has a gay/bisexual foundation but is very open and inclusive – something I am increasingly finding that Word! is not; at least not in the sense of what is appreciated.  It is at the Red Tent on Pocklington’s walk, a very cosy venue with an Arabic feel but sadly no real beer at all.  I had a couple of bottles of some rather nasty concoction as I don’t like drinking wine unless I’m eating.  Last night’s offerings were excellent though; I did a couple, Bobba Cass memorised some ‘Karma Sutra’ poems (I should memorise more – ran into problems with the lighting as I couldn’t see my own words) and Sal, an ex-yoga student of mine, did some Indian dance.  Good stuff.  It’s far more relaxed than Word! and unlike it, you feel appreciated for performing rather than squeezed in.  There’s also more time to talk to people, and I did discover that several people who had been at the Secular Society agreed with me about the riots – so that was worth knowing.

Today Daniel is going to Derby and I shall be working on my novel.

Kirk out