When all else fails, read the instructions

That is basically my approach to things; especially mechanical or electrical gadgets.  I am extraordinarily resistant to reading instructions; I hate recipes, for example and will always, on trying a new dish, try to get the idea that it is based on and adapt it to my own tastes rather than following it to the letter.  It is probably this which makes me such a disastrous cake-baker; though I imagine it’s also my ‘hands-on-ness’, my desire to get stuck in there and wrestle with things rather than standing back and treating them with delicacy.  Unlike my mother, I have not a delicate bone in my body (even my clavicle is robust, ha ha) and utterly dislike the idea of treating ingredients with cool disdain.  Ingredients need to be wrestled into submission: hence my excellent bread-making.

For example, this morning I finally got around to reading the instructions on the side of my Steradent tablets.  Now, part of the problem is that, with increasing age, before I can read any small print at all I have to find my glasses and get into a good light – and even then sometimes they defeat me – so it wasn’t until I’d been using these things for several months that it occurred to me to check the tube.  And lo!  I found that I’d been using them correctly after all.

So I rest my case.  Mind you, it’s probably only a matter of time before I am blown to smithereens because I didn’t read the leaflet accompanying some electrical gadget.  And when I am, it will be a comfort to know that I TOLD YOU SO.


Today I shall be mostly… going to Derby and afterwards meeting Peter for a drink.

Kirk out.

PS  Mike reckons I should read ‘Sense of an Ending’ so I shall try to get hold of a copy.  I feel a library visit coming on…